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Getting Started

To request your first in-person appointment you must be registered in the patient portal for my clinic. The button below will take you to a secure registration and sign in page where you will be able to input your information and request appointment slots, contact me via HIPAA secure email service and access your chart after our visit. If you are unable to access the portal or need assistance contact me and I can add your into the system manually.  

You must  fill out the New Patient forms, COVID-19 policy agreement and HIPAA agreement prior to your first appointment. 

New Patient Process

Below you can find a detailed description of what you can expect during your first visit with me. If you have questions about this process that aren't answered below or just want to get a feel for who I am and how I approach patient care you are welcome to set up a free Q&A call or register on the patient portal for an email-chat. 



  • First visit is 60–80 minutes

  • Wear comfortable clothing (T-shirt, yoga pants, gym shorts, etc.) 

  • Wear a mask for the duration of the visit. (COVID-19 Policies here)

  • Bring lists of your medical history, medications, past surgeries, and imaging

  • Most patients on a regular schedule see me every 4–8 weeks. Follow-up visits are 30–40 minutes long

  • You will be asked to reschedule your appointment if you arrive wearing perfume/cologne/fragrance/heavily scented lotions/essential oils 

What to expect

My new patient visits are 60–80 minutes long, and start with a discussion of your current medical concerns, a thorough review of your medical history and other information you feel comfortable sharing with me. We will discuss the things you believe need the most attention and any ongoing issues that you feel I may be able to help you with. After our discussion I will conduct a short general exam and a focused exam of the areas necessary for the issues you're having. Finally, the visit ends with a gentle treatment of the affected areas with a plan for future visits, and possibly some exercise or other recommendations. 

Patients have described their experience with their treatment to me in several different ways. Some compare it to massage or chiropractic care. One has referred to it as "talk-therapy for the body". Your experience will be unique to the issues we approach and your comfort and needs. Most treatments do not require patients to take off their clothing beyond belts, bulky jackets, and shoes. Some treatments may involve contact with sensitive areas, but these are thoroughly discussed beforehand. I ask for consent before initiating different parts of the treatment or approaching more sensitive areas. 

What should I do to prepare?

To prepare for your visit, bring your:  

  • current medications list

  • past medical procedures list

  • prior imaging (results or CD/film of MRI, X-ray, CT scan, etc.) related to your current concerns


You should wear something comfortable and easy to move in, such as sweatpants or yoga pants and a T-shirt. Most treatments do not require disrobing or significant access to the skin. You must wear a mask for the duration of your visit. 


I also require both for my safety and the safety of other patients that you DO NOT wear perfume, cologne, essential oils or other fragrance-heavy products. 

Does anyone work with you?

I work independently and do not have an office assistant or other doctors who treat patients in my practice. If you schedule an appointment with me, you will see me. 

I do work with medical students frequently as I'm deeply invested in developing the next generation of physicians learning these healing modalities. I always ask your permission before a student is permitted to be present for our appointment or assist me. 

After the treatment

After treatments, I recommend patients take the rest of the day to relax—advising against any significant exercise or drinking alcohol. It is not uncommon to have some very mild soreness and discomfort for a day or two following treatments, which can usually be alleviated with ice packs or over-the-counter pain medications. A detailed instruction guide can be found here.

What comes next

If we agree that this treatment approach is helping you, we can schedule follow-up visits. 

Follow-up visits last 30–40 minutes and your first follow-up is often 2 weeks after your initial visit. This may differ depending on your situation. A patient seeing me regularly usually returns every 4–8 weeks, depending on their needs.