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COVID-19 Policies


Protecting Patients

I have been vaccinated and boosted for COVID-19, and I get yearly flu shots in addition to other standard healthcare vaccination and testing. The clinic space has an air purifier to help reduce potential circulating viral loads. I always wear a KN95 or N95 while working with patients to protect patients, their families, and our community.

Clinical Policies

All patients over the age of 4 years are required to wear a face covering over the nose and mouth while in the office at all times. For house calls, patients must wear a face covering over the nose and mouth while the provider is present. This rule is not impacted by local mandates.

If displaying or reporting symptoms of COVID-19 please do not attend your appointment and contact us to reschedule. Proof of positive rapid or PCR is NOT required to reschedule.


I highly recommend patients get vaccinated against COVID unless they have a known PEG allergy or their primary care provider has advised against it. 


Long COVID, or Post Acute COVID-19 Syndrome (PACS), are terms to describe a constellation of symptoms that are increasingly common after someone recovers from COVID.  These related symptoms are recognized as a potentially disabling condition. 


I am experienced with the manifestations of long COVID in prior patient care, especially related to dysautonomia, brain-fog, respiratory difficulties, and fatigue. Osteopathic medicine can be helpful in managing some of the symptoms of long COVID. I am also happy to spend part of an appointment slot discussing how to best approach the rest of your medical team if this is of particular concern to you and help you get the care you need.

You can read more about it in my patient resources section here

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