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Tattoo artist


"In one hour Anna understood things about my body that have taken me a decade to sort out. I have old injuries in my hip and lower back that cause chronic pain and a job that has twisted and hunched my posture. In just one session Anna seemed to know exactly which muscles were knotted up and how to gently, precisely release them. In the week following treatment, I found I had more mobility in problem areas and better body awareness. I never knew effective body work could be so gentle, and Anna herself is lovely to work with— warm, professional, communicative, a good listener, and deeply knowledgeable about the body. I’ll definitely be going back and I’m looking forward to our next session."



"Dr. Wolff’s healing hands are nothing short of magic. She draws on a wealth of medical knowledge to quickly assess what is wrong and provides relief in just a few gentle touches. She cured my severe altitude sickness almost instantly. I highly recommend booking an appointment."


Circus Artist


“I arrived at my appointment burdened with an unfortunate variety of both physical and emotional stress, and felt not only like my physical tension was addressed over the course of our session, but perhaps in my case more importantly, the environment was a safe and secure one, that soothed my rattled nerves and left me feeling pleasant and dreamy for the next few days. In spite of an awful lot of late afternoon caffeine consumption prior to my appointment, I slept very well that night and in the nights that followed it, too.”


Google Technical Writer (she/they)

“Anna creates a comforting envelope for healing. I’m very particular about who I trust with my body, making it hard to see new doctors. On Anna’s table, I felt her listening to both my words and my body, which gave me the psychological safety to relax into her care.”

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